Creating or being created?

Parissa Hamedan-Nejad is an Iranian-Norwegian artist and engineer born in Tehran and living in Sandnes, Norway, with her better half.

  • Creating has become “The” essence of my being.  Meaning, while my daily profession serves the physical aspect of an intended purpose with reliability, my artistic profession serves the nonphysical aspect of a non-intended inner-clarity. Where the ideas and visions just blossom and keep coming. It makes you wonder who is creating whom? Me creating a piece of art or art creating me.

Nevertheless, she hopes you can take a moment to breath while you look at her arts and let your imagination do the rest.

  • My motto is my creation, your imagination and our transformation from state of thinking into state of being.

For Hamedan-Nejad creating art is a meditative process which is almost impossible to describe.   

-Sometimes I just let the colors do their magic. This type of process may take several days or even years to finish the painting. I just put them away for a while and then suddenly I see it. I call these paintings “I see You”.  In future I will have a dedicated page for these paintings in my homepage. The Serie I call Hong “Hongkong” consist of more than 20 paintings but only 7 of them are finished. And none of these paintings became as intended. The result is far from what I could think or believed to be able to paint. But nevertheless, paintings exist, and they have their own story waiting to be told.

Hamedan-Nejad has been painting since end of 90’s. But it was first in 2013 she decided to change from figurative Oil medium to more water-based paintings. She works mostly on wood-based surfaces. In 2014 she decided to challenge herself even more with using oil as basis for the fluid art.  For her, fluid art is more than a beautiful color explosion on canvas, but rather challenging herself to listen to where the flow goes, and which story the paintings will tell.  It is then she can transform herself from state of thinking to state of being.

Love Parissa